Center Guidelines

The following guidelines exist to guide all participants in maintaining the sacred atmosphere of the Center by showing consideration and respect for the Center and one another.


  • Please turn off your cell phone before entering the Center. If you need to check your phone, please do so out of public view.
  • There is no photography, filming, or recording of any kind permitted.
  • Please dress modestly. (See Hall)
  • Please be aware of the volume of your voice throughout the Center and if it could be distracting to others. Are you within earshot of where someone could be meditating? Some people choose to remain in silence in Amrit. Upon entering the Temple or Shaktinilaya, please speak in a whisper if you need to speak.

Amrit exists to make nourishing meals and refreshments available to those engaged in the Siddha Yoga practices, and to create another opportunity for seekers to engage in the practice of seva––selfless service. Food in Amrit is prepared lovingly and with great attention by those offering seva.

  • Enter Amrit with the understanding that food is sacred, food is nature, food is life. Food, and the place where it is prepared, served, and consumed should be respected as such.
  • Amrit is not a restaurant. Sevites prepare and serve all the food for you with love.
  • Please do not taste food in the buffet.
  • Seconds are available for those who purchase a full dinner. There are no seconds for sides or drinks.
  • While we are aware than people have many different food preferences and restrictions, we cannot always prepare food that pleases everyone.
  • Please help maintain Amrit by leaving your space neat and clean. This includes pushing in your chair and cleaning up any spills or crumbs you have made.
  • Please consider offering seva to help set-up  or clean-up Amrit or to help prepare the meals.

Shaktinilaya means “the abode of shakti. To preserve the sacred atmosphere of this space, please observe the following guidelines. The intention of the Shaktinilaya guidelines is that everyone is respectful of one another and can focus on his or her practices without distraction, and experience the bliss of the inner Self.

  • Please arrive on time to whatever event is taking place
  • Remove shoes before entering Shaktinilaya.
  • Please make an effort to come on time, before the even begins, and stay until the end. There are of course times when we all can’t do this, but please make the effort to do so in order to respect the event, the sevites, and the participants. If arriving late or leaving early, please do so as inconspicuously as possible so as not to distract others.
  • Dress modestly in clean clothes. Please do not wear shorts or tank tops or ripped jeans. Consider what kind of clothes are appropriate for a sacred space, and what kind could be distracting to others.
  • Please be silent when entering the Hall. If you need to speak, please whisper.
  • Please do not wear any fragrance that others can smell. It can be distracting to others, and can stimulate allergies.
  • Please turn off your cell phone––or any electronic devices–– completely.
  • Please do not straighten your legs toward the Guru’s chair. In India it is considered disrespectful to point your feet at someone. Chairs, blankets, and pillows are available to help you create an easeful posture.
  • Please do not bring any food or drink into the Hall. Bottled water with a secured cap is fine, but please do not leave the bottle in the Hall.
  • Seating is not available everywhere in the Hall. If a hall monitor asks you to move, please respect their request.
  • Please try not to enter or exit the Hall during meditation. If you need to leave, do so before meditation begins and come back afterward. If this is not possible, then please move as quietly as possible in the Hall, realizing that in meditation everyone’s senses are heightened.
  • Please enter with the intention to participate fully in whatever event is taking place.
  • Please put back any items you have borrowed, neatly folding shawls and blankets.
  • Please take all your items with you when you leave, including any trash.


  • Please dress modestly and respectfully when entering the Temple.
    • Women may wear a dress/skirt to the knee or longer, skirt-like wide-legged pants, with a jacket or top that covers the hips.
    • Leggings may also be worn if the jacket or top covers the hips.
    • Men are asked to wear long pants.  Short-sleeve collared shirts are okay during summer.
    • Please no sleeveless shirts or blouses, shorts, jeans, or sweatpants.
    • Shawls are available at the entrance to the Temple to drape over bare arms or wrap around jeans, shorts, etc.
    • Children 12 and older are requested to follow the same guidelines.
    • Children under 12 are welcome with their parents but we recommend sitting in the back to allow for easy egress should that prove necessary.
  • Please observe silence in the Temple unless chanting. If you must speak to a Temple sevite, please whisper.
  • Please arrive on time and plan on staying the entire time. It is very distracting to those participating in the practices when people are coming and going. Since seating is tighter in the Temple, if you must leave, please do so as sensitively as possible. Please aware that once meditation begins, the Temple will not be open for re-entry until Darshan begins.
  • Please refrain from wearing any fragrances as they can be distracting to others and some people have fragrance allergies.