Participation & Support
There are a number of ways in which we may participate and offer our support to the Center and the Siddha Yoga mission. By doing so we are adding our love and blessings and sustaining this space that supports the Siddha Yoga practices in Los Angeles. Here are some of the ways we can offer support.

Selfless Service (Guruseva)
Seva-Center-Banner #d33227_150Many people find that offering seva is a very satisfying way to express their appreciation for what they have received from the Siddha Yoga practices. Everything that happens in the Center happens through the generous offering of guruseva, or selfless service to the Guru. The wide variety of guruseva allows everyone to participate in this spiritual practice. Whether we are serving meals, answering the telephone, or working in the garden, we have an opportunity to put the teachings into action.

Center Donations
Center Donations SYMCLA Sign_150Another profound way that we may offer our support and gratitude is through Center Donations. Your generosity supports the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in Los Angeles and makes it possible for it to continue to offer the teachings and wisdom of the Siddha masters to seekers in Los Angeles in this beautiful venue.

We invite you to further explore the many opportunities to give through these practices.

Center Donations | Offering Guruseva